Recommend 12 Coffee Documentaries Worth Watching

Recommend 12 Coffee Documentaries Worth Watching

For most people, coffee is just the way to start the day. For others, coffee is already a way of life. Whether you are a barista, a coffee farmer, or a serious coffee lover, coffee always has fresh stories waiting to be discovered, and movies are the best way to understand these stories. We have collected some documentaries about coffee to take you into the world of coffee.

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Barista 2015

Barista 2015

Directed by Rock Baijnauth, this documentary follows five baristas as they prepare for the prestigious National Barista Championship.

Thousands of baristas compete in competitions across the United States, constantly challenging the limit of the perfect cup of coffee, chasing the annual national championship spot. Passionate, lovable and quirky baristas take us through the world of coffee competitions with humor, empathy and inspiration.

These baristas take this wildly popular drink seriously. Their passion for coffee can be felt in every scene of the documentary. The barista will take you beyond this ordinary drink and illuminate a unique world that few people know about.


Barista 2 2019

After the success of Barista 1, in the 2019 sequel, director Rock Baijnauth continues to explore the world of coffee competition. Through his lens, we can see how baristas from the US, Japan, Germany and Ireland use their unique approaches to tackle the World Barista Championship in Seoul and compete for the championship.


 AeroPress Movie 2018

AeroPress Movie is a documentary about the AeroPress story, from the garage in California to the stages of development of the AeroPress Championships around the world. It explores what makes people so fascinated by this quirky-looking, maverick coffee maker.


A film about coffee 2014

A film about coffee 2014

What makes specialty coffee so special? The director started from the story of the coffee processing station of the original coffee farmers in Rwanda, went to the farms in Honduras and the cafes in Japan and the United States, exploring the role of coffee in people's lives and the cultural connotation behind coffee.


Black Gold 2006

People consume more than 2 billion cups of coffee every day, yet many coffee farmers do not earn a decent income. Director Marc James Francis follows businessman Tadesse Meskelas as he tries to secure a fairer price for 70,000 Ethiopian coffee growers.



If you are interested in Sasa Sestic, then you can watch this documentary, Sasa's goal was to win the World Barista Championship before he became a coffee competition mentor and coach, this documentary tells the story of Sasa's coffee journey and coffee An origin story that begins in Ethiopia.


Black Coffee 2005

Black Coffee is an international award-winning documentary series about the coffee epic. This documentary not only reproduces how coffee spread from the ancient world, and thus became an inseparable part of social, sexual, economic and political life, but also vividly records the interesting customs of the place where coffee is produced. The film crew visited coffee growing places around the world, interviewed many historians and coffee researchers, went deep into the process of coffee production and trade, and told us the story behind this thriving dark medium.


Caffeinated 2015

From growing and harvesting to processing and selling, and finally becoming a cup of coffee, the story of each cup of coffee is long and complex. This documentary interviews people at all stages of coffee production to share how coffee beans have impacted their lives.


Suspended Coffee (Caffè sospeso)2017

Look at coffee from the perspective of three completely different people. No matter what kind of life, coffee is like a kind of warmth or catalyst. Although the coffee production in the documentary looks extremely rough, the complex and obsession with coffee surpasses the taste itself , leave the love to the next stranger drinking coffee.


Inside the Factory : Coffee

The production process of freeze-dried coffee powder is introduced, and the importance of roasting is explained. Shared the history of coffee consumption and instant coffee in the UK, the addiction and efficacy mechanism of coffee, and shared the crisis and solutions of coffee cultivation.


Coffee The Drink That Changed America 2016

Documentary presents the history of coffee and the history of coffee consumption in the United States.


The coffee trail 2014

Adventurer and journalist Simon Reeve sets off to Vietnam to find the stories behind our morning pickles. Britons drink millions of cups of coffee every week, and how many of them know where their coffee comes from? The answer is not Brazil, Colombia or Jamaica, it's Vietnam! Eighty percent of the coffee that the British drink is not cappuccino or latte, but instant coffee, and Vietnam is their biggest supplier.

Thirty years ago Vietnam produced only a tiny fraction of the world's coffee, but after the Vietnam War, the government decided to grow coffee on a large scale. Vietnam is now the second largest coffee producer in the world. The coffee industry has employed millions and made a few self-made millionaires. But Simon also found that Vietnam's rapid development has taken a heavy toll on local residents and the environment.

I hope this list can help you understand and love coffee better, and explore the possibilities of coffee.

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