My first cafe-An Indoor Cafe That Needs an Umbrell

My first cafe-An Indoor Cafe That Needs an Umbrell

When I opened this cafe, I just graduated from university. Looking back now, I was really ignorant and fearless. I was almost cheated and opened the shop.
I paid a transfer fee that now seems almost sky-high, and there is also an intermediary handling fee (actually a protection fee), and it is an old house in an old street. The previous landlord has been operating here for decades and has a thirteen A four-year-old cat, the entire second floor is mixed with cat fur and the smell of cats over the years.

When I received it, I repaired it everywhere, but what was so frustrating——I never expected that there was a roof that couldn't be repaired several times.
The floor is covered with wooden floors, the walls are repainted by us, and there are sponge sofas. When it rains, the outside is pattering, and the second floor also starts to tick.

I don’t know if there are any friends who have experienced the same rain leakage. The repair of rain leakage is simply a test of human patience. If you report for repair in a hurry, the master will tell you, “There is no way now, we have to wait for the weather to clear".
I feel sorry for the newly renovated facilities and the wooden floor on the ground, but there is really nothing I can do. I had to put a few pots at the leaking point, and the ticking sonata became more lively.

In this case, we do not recommend that guests go to the second floor, but at that time, the cafe had limited space on the first floor, half of which was occupied by the bar counter and the booth at the entrance, and there were only two rows of seats inside.
Persuading and declining, there are still guests who need a private space, so they have to go to the second floor to stay.
So, occasionally, when it rains, our café presents a peculiar sight.
Turning up the small stairs on the second floor, what you see are pots of different colors on the ground, and some customers who are sitting scattered in the corner and chatting with umbrellas.


Sometimes when I think about it, I feel really sorry and grateful for those friends who were still willing to come to the store for coffee under such circumstances.
The relationship between shops and people is also mysterious. Some customers who were rebellious when they first came, later made long-term friends. There are also some customers who can't be said to be kind.
Occasionally, on rainy days, when it is almost closing time, some customers come to order a drink and chat with us by the way.

Some people think that the business of a cafe on a rainy day is not as good as that on a sunny day.
However, according to my observations, it is often better to have rainy days than sunny days.
I guess, on sunny days, many people are willing to go outdoors, to the suburbs, to enjoy being close to nature, while on rainy days, they would like to stay under the quilt, or stay in a warm shop.
Just like when writing a story, you need to constantly create accidents. On a rainy day, especially a sudden shower, it can often bring people different encounters.
Someone was going out of the cafe to go to the next stop, but he didn't have an umbrella, so he could only stay in the cafe;
Someone didn't intend to enter the store, but just came to have a cup of coffee to rest in order to avoid the rain;
Some stories start here.

The cafe I miss was demolished and closed when the whole block was remodeled.
The customers I have known over the past few years "returned" immediately after hearing the news. On a hot day in July in summer, dozens of people crowded into this small cafe. Come and drink your last drink at this store.
There are many words that I will never forget for a long time, but one of them is particularly poignant: "If it rains suddenly again, there will be no place to borrow an umbrella, and there will be no roof to hide from the rain."

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